23. Leibniz Conference 2018 – Localisation Technology for IoT, Telematics and Industry 4.0

22.-23. November 2018
Best Western Hotel am Schlosspark
August Bebel Straße 1
09577 Lichtenwalde (Sachsen)


für interdisziplinäre Studien e.V. (LIFIS)

LIFIS organizes Leibniz Conferences about different scientific themes with interdisciplinary format to stimulate exchange over disciplinary boundaries. The hotel in Lichtenwalde provides a pleasant seminar atmosphere for up to 50 participants.

Goal of the Conference

The digital revolution is present every day and everywhere, internet and mobile communication turned into basic needs. Especially in the application areas of IoT, Telematics and Industry 4.0 interconnectedness plays a central role within the whole process of digitization. Geo-referenced localization functionality can substantially improve service quality or qualitatively new services can be established. But the differing application environments as, e.g., positioning of people, cars, goods and machines in environments as living spaces, parking houses, Fahrgastzelle and factory adapted localizing technics. This is the main problem area addressed by our Leibniz Conference as discussion platform for challenges and suitable solutions, mirrored at current application field in research and technology.

Topics of the Conference

  • Satellite based positioning (Chair: Prof. Michler)
  • Radio sensor based positioning (Chair: Dr. Eggert)
  • Imaging based positioning (Chair: Prof. Trautmann)
  • Data fusion (Chair: Prof. Beyer)
  • Geo information and mapping (Chair: Prof. Bernard)
  • Application fields (Chair: Prof. Junghans)

Program Committee

  • Prof. Dr.-Ing. Oliver Michler, TU Dresden, Chair
  • Prof. Dr. Lars Bernard, TU Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Jürgen Beyer, TU Darmstadt and Fa. Nav42
  • Dr. Dietmar Eggert, Metirionic GmbH Dresden
  • Prof. Dr. Bernd Junghans, LIFIS e.V.
  • Prof. Dr. Toralf Trautmann, HTW Dresden