LIFIS Online
The internet journal of the Leibniz Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies e.V.
[ ISSN 1864-6972 ]

With the online journal LIFIS ONLINE, established in April 2007, we shall trigger and foster the interdisciplinary dialogue within the scientific community, between science and economy and last but not least between science, economy and politics, thus avoiding the delay of conventional channels of publication. Representatives from science, economy and political circles are invited to stimulate and encourage the public interdisciplinary discourse with articles on interdisciplinary research work from their own spheres of activity.

LIFIS ONLINE is a redactionally driven journal, supervised by its editorial board. LIFIS ONLINE presents primary publications – in German as well as in English. Articles from other sources can be accepted if their content contributes essentially to the interdisciplinary topics discussed in this journal. LIFIS ONLINE is edited continuously after the receipt of the articles.

The copyright remains with the authors who are in turn responsible for the correct quoting of those publications and illustrations used. Submitting a paper the authors grant a nonexclusive right to use as defined in § 31 UrhG to LIFIS. We encourage the authors to public their contribution under the terms of the Creative Commons License CC-BY.

Subject Areas

  • Digital Change
  • Innovation and Systematic Inventions
  • Innovative Conversion and Use of Energy and Materials
  • Intelligent Logistics and Competency Management
  • Cognitive Structures
  • Nano- and Mikrostructures, New Materials
  • Systems of Sensors and Aktors, Ubiquitous Elektronics
  • Science in Context

Editorial Board

  • Gerhard Banse, Berlin
  • Bernd Junghans, Dresden
  • Gerhard Öhlmann, Berlin
  • Frieder Sieber, Berlin


  • Hans-Gert Gräbe, Leipzig (Main Redactor)
  • Bernd Junghans, Dresden
  • Nadine Schlüter, Wuppertal
  • Dieter Skrobotz, Berlin


Editorial office of LIFIS ONLINE
c/o Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Gräbe (V.i.S.P.)
Herwigstraße 30, D – 04279 Leipzig
Fon: + 49 (0341) 3338 639