30th Leibniz Conference: 70 Years of DNA – Era of Translation


für interdisziplinäre Studien e.V. (LIFIS)

in cooperation with the Freie Universität Berlin, the Regional Incubator Berlin Southwest, Zukunftsorte Berlin and DNA24.net.

Under the patronage of the Berlin Senator for Science, Health and Care, Dr. Ina Czyborra.

Partners: bbb-life, DiagnostikNet-BB, Biotech Institute, fm-worx.de, Vietnam Medicine, …


With the 30th Leibniz Conference, the Leibniz Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies (LIFIS e.V.) is honouring the 70th anniversary of the discovery of DNA, the central molecule of genome research. This discovery in molecular biology was fundamental for today’s biomedicine and is of infinite importance for human society. Today, modern medicine is no longer conceivable without genome research.

As in the previous conference “2013-Year of DNA”, the selected speakers for this one-day conference represent the current state of the different fields of today’s genome research and show the most important successes of the translation of their results for the prevention and cure of diseases before and during the global pandemic. The lectures will give an overview of the different forms and the importance of DNA and RNA, modern trends in the analysis of gene data, the use of the results for biology, medicine, social and engineering sciences. Topics include the Neanderthal genome, mitochondrial DNA, gene expression and non-coding RNA, the Human Genome Project, evolutionary genetics, DNA nanomachines, amplification techniques, next-generation sequencing, genetic fingerprinting, personal genomics, nucleic acid drugs and vaccines, therapeutic modifications of DNA, stem cells and conservation of animal genomes.

The lectures will be given by internationally renowned specialists from research and development and represent a broad spectrum of currently applied methods. This conference offers an excellent opportunity for a direct exchange of experience with the pioneers of these established and new techniques.

For professionals from all areas of research and development in the field of molecular biology, this scientific meeting is an excellent opportunity to become familiar with current and future methods. Because of the broad application of these biochemical methods, this conference is aimed at specialists and interested parties from a wide range of scientific fields: Agricultural and nutritional sciences, biochemistry, biotechnology, genetics, molecular biology, medicine and pharmacy.

Parallel to the scientific programme, there will again be an exhibition of innovative diagnosticompanies from Germany and abroad and a poster exhibition.

On the day before the 30th Leibniz Conference “70 Years of DNA”, a separate satellite workshop “Labs of Future – Future of Labs” will take place at the PROFUND Villa in Berlin-Dahlem (separate registration required). There, the future of diagnostic laboratories through the use of multiomics technologies will be discussed.

To welcome external guests and speakers, a Welcome-Evening will be held at the Seminaris Campus Hotel, Takustrasse 84, 14195 Berlin on 5.9.2023 from 7 p.m. with a keynote speech at 8 p.m.

Peter Spork, science journalist and bestselling author
“The Second Code. How epigenetics is changing the way we look at our health”.

followed by a get-together. Separate registration is also required for this event.

Topics of the Conference

Evolution of the genomes

  • Prehistoric DNA
  • DNA Nanotechnology
  • Mitochondrial DNA
  • Integrated Genomes
  • Systems Biology
  • Artificial organisms
  • Past and future pandemics

The diversity of RNA

  • Gene expression
  • microRNA and other non-coding RNA molecules
  • Silencing RNA

DNA analytics

  • New DNA detection techniques
  • Sequencing of chromosomes
  • DNA diagnostics in transition, precision medicine
  • Spatial Transciptomics and Genomics
  • Bioinformatics and AI

Medical DNA technology

  • Innovative therapeutics
  • Biobanking
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • CAR-T cells
  • Ethical Aspects

The conference languages are English and German. Presentation slides in English requested.

Programme Advisory Board

  • Dirk Laßner (Chairman), LIFIS e.V. und DNA24.net, Berlin, Germany
  • F. Heyd, FU Berlin, RNA Biochemie
  • J. Hollidt, In.vent Diagnostica GmbH, Hennigsdorf, Germany
  • B. Junghans, LIFIS e.V., Dresden, Germany
  • N. A. Tien, VINMEC Hospital, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • W. Regen, LIFIS e.V., Berlin und Chemnitz
  • B. Samatanga, Biotech Institute, Harare, Zimbabwe
  • F. Schaal, Regionalinkubator Berlin SÜDWEST, Berlin, Germany
  • S. Terberl, Geschäftsstelle ZUKUNFTSORTE Berlin, Berlin, Germany
  • L.Vallier, MPI für Molekulare Genetik und BCRT, Berlin, Germany
  • V. Velavan, Uni Tübingen und VG Care, Hanoi und Tübingen, Germany/Vietnam

Invited speakers:

R. Baber (Leipzig); M. Benecke (Köln); F. Bier (Potsdam); R. Dawkins (UK); E. Charpentier (Berlin); J. Claverie (France); M. Drosten (Berlin); H. Fechner (Berlin); A. Gerth (Leipzig); T. Grunwald (Leipzig); J. Hollidt (Hennigsdorf); Hummel (Berlin); B. Kaufert (Berlin); J. Krause (Jena); J. Kureck (Berlin); S. Pääbo (Leipzig), N. Rajewski (Berlin); B. Samatanga (Harare); A. Sanders (Berlin); J. Strauss (Potsdam); E. Southern (UK), N. A. Tien (Hanoi) und andere

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